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A design system made up of modular, interchangeable plates of varying sizes created and developed to meet all requirements of indoor signs and allows designers wide creativity and added feedom for personal solutions.
The indoor signs consist of identification signs, directories and directionals.
They are all-complementary and follow rigorous norms from fabrication to installation.
They can be either modular plates or custom-made.
They could be wall-mounted, door-mounted, suspended or it could be a freestanding structure.

We work with the best suppliers worldwide: Seberg - Segno


- Brass Plate
- PVC Plate
Stainless Steel


Showcase and Display Stands

are a most practical and elegant way of exploiting and setting off needs for visual communication Maximum functionality of use and a prestigious image are ensured by first rate quality construction, by special care in the choice of materials and refined design

Directional Signs and Boards

Directional arrows to lead to the exact requested location
Aluminium or steel painted in oven with 3M reflective sheeting
It includes any graphics or layout needed

SAFETY SIGNS / EMERGENCY LIGHTING EQUIPMENT : it consists of Aluminium Boards or Anti-fire PVCboards inserted in a frame of extruded aluminium

We always take extra care when undertaking any exterior installation by risk assessing the site and its surrounding areas beforehand.

Illuminated Backlit Box

Are external boxes decorating the head of your entrance or a special space and representing your identity. They can be illuminated by a LED Light and comprise a 3D Letter. They are custom made

3D Build Up Letters

3D illuminated letters are built-up letters showcasing a name or a sign. They can be illuminated by a LED light. They are a great way of instantly enhance your façade look and aesthetic appeal They are custom made

Totem - External & Internal Signage Totem

Totems are freestanding structures (monolotich or polylithic) with a pleasant design. They are suitable to display a site identity an image and to direct people. They can be illuminated or not Totem can be convex, flat, triangular, or square and even custom made.

Digital Printing

3M & HP have formed an alliance to bring u the most highly regarded product in the large format digital ink jet graphics industry. All graphics made are generated for 2 years Outdoors and 5 years indoors. Since we are a 3M certified fabricator, you ll have with our digital printing a superior image quality bright vibrant colors.

Used for :
Special events
Product Promotions
Welcome Signs
Graphic for Vans, personal vehicles trucks buses
Business Presentations
Seminar/training graphics
Architectural or engineering design


Wide range to direct, to identify and to communicate
Engraving to Aluminium, Brass or Plexi or Steel
A matte product line specifically made by Rowmark
For both internal and external signage application
Over 200 color combination
Exciting array of finishes spanning many different product lines:
Badges, signs, door plates, building plates, key chains..

Dusted Frosted 3M Films

3M Scotchcal Special Effect slef adhesive films. The way to create distinctive designs on glass. Enhance your company s image with the classic style of etched or sand-blasted glass – at a fraction of the cost using self-adhesive dusted/frosted crystal films

Films can be applied to glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate Warranted to up to 5Years Outdoor. ?

3M Safety Films

Protect your house and properties on a budget with 3M Safety and Security Window film. Applied on the internal façade.

3M Solar Films

Save energy, improve privacy and aesthetics with 3M Sun Control Window Films.
Great heat rejection helps provide energy serving
Classic Silver Reflective film with excellent solar protection