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Permanent Road Signs

All signs meet the international standards adopted in the European rules concerning road traffic signs and signals (agreed at the 1968 Vienna convention and subsequent supplementary provisions in the 1971 Geneva agreement) + LEBINOR

Directional Signs

A directional sign implanted in the right way helps the driver in his operations and makes his movement easier and more certain.

Different types are available:
Position Sign: Implanted in a way that an arrow relative to the given direction is visible and legible in priority to the sers concerned with the link mentioned on the sign.

Advanced Road Sign: Implanted at the point where the exit road reaches a width of 1.5m or above one road only srving the mentioned signs and located at the road divergence point.

Pre-signaling Road Signs:
Warning Signs
Confirmation Signs Town Entrance Sing

Our expert team can guide you with all the necessary signs and norms to apply to be compliant with the regulations and always put forward the safety of the people .

Acriline Road Painting

Dries quickly. Its high covering power and its whiteness make it an ideal product for large road sites or highways

Can be applied through automatic or manual spray gun

Termoplastic Road Marking

only sets parameters for the finished product when laid on the ground.

Our mission is safety

On the street safety begins with visibility. Italian signs with 3M Reflective sheeting. GB Segnaletica? - Safety products for sites - Warning lights Temporary signs - Pavement Markers Reflectors Delineators - Personal safety equipment Convex Mirrors - Site boards - Warning tapes

Parking Materials

Ditec Automatic Gates
Ditec Automatic Barriers combine ease of use, minimalist design and practicality and offer a wide range of accessories as well as several control and monitoring options. Wide range of accessories:

  • Key operated selector
  • Transmitters
  • Magnetic loop detector
  • Radio Control devide
  • Every car park needs one!
  • Reservation Arcs
  • Speed Bumps
  • Corner Fenter
  • Wheel Stopper
  • Mirrors

Parking Signage System

Various indoor Signs

Aluminum plates 2mm thick.
Background and writing 3M reflective engineer grade.
The plate can be suspended with chains or attached to the wall with four screws.

It is recommended to adopt one color per floor.
According to the international norms of security in parking signs:
Blue color is reserved for car circulation signs
Green is reserved for pedestrian signs and emergency exists.

Parking Access signs: Signs in aluminum 25/10e
Background and writing in 3M reflective engineer grade, bended edges.

Photo luminescent Signage / Exit Signs:
In the dark, luminescent systems give a strong feeling of safety.
In these cases an uninterrupted escape system which directs the endangered person out of the building is imperative.
In case of power failure, photoluminscent products emit light, they are clearly visible even hours later.

Parking Marking

Organizes parking of the cars
Delimits the space clearly which permits to optimize the use of the space

Diminishes the cost of personnel needed to organize parking of the cars

3M Safety Films

Protect your house and properties on a budget with 3M Safety and Security Window film. Applied on the internal façade.

Urban Furniture

A major part of our Street Furniture is provided by BENITO.
BENITO Urban is a Spanish industrial company founded in 1914. They aim to design, manufacture and distribute globally the whole range of Street Equipment Products.

Bins –
Bollards-Barriers for sidewalks
Flower Trays
Handicapped Accessibility