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Who We are

AGEV, founded in 1987, is a leading provider of Road Signs, Road Safety Equipments, Road Marking, Internal & External Signage, Parking Materials, Build Up Letters, Digital Printing, Engraving, Serigraphy, Urban Furniture, 3M Films and Studies.

AGEV offers to its clients a wide range of innovative solutions for all their needs, based on quality standards and security norms, from the import, manufacture, supply, installation, maintenance and aftersale services.

AGEV “The Traffic Control Material Expert”, is specialized in:

  • Road Signs (Permanent Sign, Directional Signs)
  • Road Marking
  • Road Safety Equipment
  • Parking Materials & Parking Signage
  • 3M Safety Films
  • Urban Furniture
AGEV The SignShop is specialized in:
  • Internal Signage ( Plates, Directional Sign, Boards, Illuminated Signs)
  • External Signage (Illuminated box,..)
  • Build Up Letters
  • Totems (indoors outdoor)
  • 3M Films (safety, dusted, solar)
  • Digital Printing & Engraving & Serigraphy
Prepare Studies with or without execution.
We also deliver and install abroad by sending the appropriate expert from our factory.


Our Commitment

At AGEV, we are committed to delivering the best quality products and services to our clients.
We order a big stocks of products and raw material for custom-made products, to ensure a quick delivery .

ISO Certification

AGEV has developed a qualitative system registered according to the ISO9001:2000 norms. This means that today, our clients can enjoy guaranteed quality in the execution of their signage projects. Moreover, our plant has been a certified 3M Authorized Converter for the past 30 years.

The Team

Antonio Vincenti


Carla Bou Assi

General Manager

Lynn Sakr



Sales Representative

Name Name

Operations Manager
Our team is composed of a combination of highly skilled individuals with backgrounds in engineering graphics and media design, finearts, architecture, industrial design, environmental design and urban planning and relatively young and creative managerial personnel.
Each team works closely with clients to provide a consultancy and trust relationship, focused on ensuring the best suitable solution and highest quality products, as well as a proper follow-up for each project
Each “specialization” is a completely separate department with the company, run by skilled professionals, trained by our suppliers.