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Parking chevrons:
Panel in galvanized steel 6/10e., background and writing 3M reflective engineer grade.

Arc for parking space reservation

No waiting cone

Blinking yellow light

Convex mirror:
60, 80 ou 90cm diameter

Wall fender:
General low impact protection such as wall

Corner fender:
Used to protect corners and pillards which are exposed to vehicule traffic.

Tri block:
To prevent parking vehicules from hitting railing, windows or loading bays. to act as a positive stop for reserving vehicules when backing up.

Bolt down traffic ramps that will enforce a safe speed limit in your site. There is a dramatic reduction in the risk of accidents when traffic slows down. Stopper solid rubber ramps have been proven to work better then asphalt or concrete. They will slow down all types of vehicles and HGVS.

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