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- Bollard J1 for curves
- Bollard J3 for crossroads
- Lit Bollars BS873
- Reflective column for central isle
- J5 Bollard for central isle
- J4 Bollard for curves

- Bollard J3 for crossroads
- Flexible Delineator J6
- Delineator for Moutain roads, 3M yellow reflective sheeting class2 (high intensivity)

Pavement Markers:
- 3M - 10 cm x 9 cm, 1 or 2 reflective sides colors: white - yellow
- 10 cm x 10 cm,  1 or 2 reflective sides colors: white - red - green
- Ceramic channel markers non-reflective, 6 and 8 inches, white and yellow

- For guardrail one sided and two-sided
- On guardrail
- Wall- mounted
- For walls or New Jersey, one-sided and two-sided
- Multi-usage

Pierhead for Exits: the reflector films are 3M class 2 available in green and yellow.

Guardrails: Made of steel of quality not inferior to FE360.

Vehicle Parapet: Made by Lindley, according to BS 6779, Structural components are aluminium.

Convex Mirrors:
- Mirror for roads:Universal, The parabolic mirrors are made of an acrylic mirror, with a shell of red polypropylene which has a high resistance to the UV rays.
- Interior mirror: VISRA GRIFFE, consisting of an acrylic mirror, surrounded by a PVC joint.
- Mirror for ceiling: MIRADOR, unique in their characteristics, they are the optimal prevention, security and surveillance tools in stores, supermarkets and factories.

Traffic counter: AGEV sells and rents vehicle counting material of Nu-merics brand, which is the most practical counting system.

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