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A Directional sign implanted in the right way helps the driver in his operations and makes his movements easier and more certain.

Position sign: Implanted in a way that an arrow relative to the given direction is visible and legible in priority, to the users concerned with the link mentioned on the sign.

Advanced road sign:
- Implanted at the point where the exit road reaches a width of 1.5m.
- Implanted above one road or more, only serving the mentioned signs and located at the roads' divergence point.

Presignaling road sign:
-In Diagram: This sign is Implanted at 5 seconds' distance before the point where the user makes his move.
-Common: The implantation should be done in a way to insure a continuous legibility of the position sign, that is at 3 seconds' distance before the point where the user makes his move.

Warning sign: This is implanted at 60 seconds' distance before the implantation point of the advanced sign.

Confirmation sign: This sign is placed after an intersection, at 15 seconds, distance after the point where the user enters the road, so as to give him the necessary time to join the traffic before reading the sign.

Town entrance sign: Regular, Welcome to, with armorial bearings of the town.

Techniques for good legibility:
It is fundamental to have signs legible in both day time and night time. A secure sign requires the usage of reflective sheeting coating, the scotchlite. Both ENGINEER GRADE or HIGH INTENSITY insure, for at least 5 to 7 years, the necessary contrast level. It is used on the majority of directional road signs either because of its duration, the obligation of its usage for gantry signs, or for signs at a high angle, or for its homogeneity with the crossroad. In Order to optimize sign investment, it is essential to use a very well-proportioned character height and increase character spacing by 100% in order to make the signs legible for all.

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